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The H-Wing has never looked better!
The H-Wing has never looked better!

More Aces Information!

2014-12-12 09:04:28 by Keith Kappel

Fantasy Flight Games has posted another article that provides more information on the upcoming Aces Class Book. This article details the many starships and beast mounts players can use or face in battle. Aces is listed as shipping now, and is expected to arrive in stores two days before Christmas. Happy Aces!

Aces Track Their Kills
Aces Track Their Kills

Aces Class Book Update

2014-12-01 17:50:52 by Keith Kappel

FFG just posted a new article promoting Stay on Target, the Aces Class Book. My chapter was once again highlighted, this time providing a more in depth look at both the new specializations and species, as well as the signature abilities. FFG's article has a lot of familiar words in it this time, too. Still due out Q4 2014.

Order 66 Podcast Episode 37

2014-09-07 13:19:36 by Keith Kappel

I was a guest last night on the Order 66 Podcast to discuss the Age of Rebellion Game Master's Kit. As usual, had great fun chatting with GMChris and GMPhil, and generally being a disruptive presence on the show. If three hours of my nasal rambling is your cup of tea (we practically could have run the entire adventure in that time), you can listen to the podcast here.

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